Meta to let EU users negotiate for opt-out of targeted ads

European Union users will be able to opt-out of “some” Facebook and Instagram targeted advertising. But, despite EU regulators’ ruling that Meta lacks legal basis for behavioral ad targeting, the company isn’t making opting-out automatic, or easy. Users will need to submit a form objecting to having activity monitored, which Meta will evaluate and decide on. Meta is also working to appeal the ruling and the fines – plus is arguing it still can target using personalized ads.

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High-risk malware gets Pinduoduo Google suspension

April 4, 2023

The global shopping app has been found to be able to spy on users in “highly unusual,” highly invasive ways. Boasting 750 million+ users/mo. just in China, Pinduoduo surpassed Alibaba for market size in 2021. Now, cybersecurity teams from Asia, Europe and the US flagged the Chinese app after detecting unusual malware that can exploit vulnerabilities phone operating systems and bypass security to monitor activities on other apps, read private messages and change settings. Concerns have been raised with Chinese regulators, and Google suspended the app pending investigation.

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