More consumers might join the Metaverse – if they knew what it was….

While still a concept, Mark Zuckerberg intends for the Metaverse to be a game changer and the successor to the mobile internet, as he explained in a 2021 concept video. Still, 55% of Americans don’t know what it is according to a NordVPN survey. And, 87% of those who do, worry about how it may affect their privacy, especially given Facebook’s long history of mass data breaches.

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Children’s Privacy: Recommendation system targeting can come with big risks to kids

February 8, 2022

Recommendation systems that lead from site to site by suggesting videos to watch, games to play, helpful information, and people we may want to get to know, are tools that can help children learn. But, as with many systems that target kids, they can be more about vacuuming up sensitive data than helping children. 5Rights Foundation’s case study identifies 9 common features that pose harms for users.

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Independent Grocer Is First to Deploy Amazon Just Walk Out Technology

December 7, 2022

Here’s a retail story that doesn’t involve a media network – but don’t worry, it does feature Amazon, AI, and Kansas City.  Independent retailer Community Groceries will be the first non-Amazon company to deploy the Amazon One entry gate and Amazon’s Just Walk Out checkout technology.  Amazon One grants entry after reading your palm or credit card, while Just Walk Out tracks what customers put in their cart and charges for it.  O brave new world.

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