Musk aims to be unrivaled strong-arming users, running afoul of laws

Plans are reportedly underway at Twitter to get past the niceties of allowing users individual privacy preferences and instead use a single-option “yes” consent pop-up to force users to consent to ad targeting, location data capture, and third-party data brokering. The facts that this: 1) would likely violate laws including GDPR, CPRA, and CCPA, 2) could trigger a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforcement action, and 3) would be incompatible with Apple privacy rules, seems to worry new owner Elon Musk not at all.

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IT’S THE LAW (12/20/2022)

December 20, 2022

Tanzania recently passed the Personal Data Protection Act and became the fourth East African Community (EAC) country after Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda to have a data protection law. Privacy advocates welcomed the news but have concerns about some aspects of the bill including whether Tanzania’s yet-to-be-established Data Protection Commission would be able to act impartially, whether data subjects would be given power of consent, and how security breach notifications will be handled. But, nevertheless, it’s viewed as a good step forward.

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Connected device use skyrocketing while cyber-safe behavior is stagnant or worse

December 20, 2022

Comcast Xfinity, which serves 32 million households, surveyed 1,000 individuals and found that in comparison with their last survey in 2020, the number of connected devices has gone up 25% since before the pandemic and that smart home device shipments are now estimated at $306.3 billion. However, consumers are not practicing cyber-safe behavior. In fact, that significantly decreased since Comcast’s last survey and the report noted that more cyber-safe education is needed.

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