Optus’ parent company, Singtel reports two other previous attacks

Just weeks after Optus reported the records of 10 million Australian customers had been compromised in a breach, its parent company Singtel confirmed a 2020 breach and has found the data available on a data leak forum that also threatened to release Optus’ stolen data.

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Just 8% of Companies Are Using Machine Learning for Predictive Models: Ascend2 Report

October 11, 2022

You might think that AI is common in marketing, but just 8% of the respondents to this Ascend2 report for Pecan AI are using machine learning for predictive analytics.  Most of the answers came from small businesses (72% from companies with fewer than 50 employees), so adoption could be higher at larger companies.  Just 9% felt highly confident that their company was prepared for the loss of third-party cookies.

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Google will pay $85M to Arizona for Android location data breach

October 11, 2022

Arizona’s Attorney General sued Google in 2020 for use of “dark patterns” to manipulate user behavior. The state also accused Google of using location tracking services even when companies had tried to turn off that capability. This settlement is to resolve the location tracking claims and, while very high, is still tiny for a company whose 2021 ad revenue was close to $200 billion.

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