Survey of more than 5,100 mid-large enterprises finds 89% not fully compliant with CCPA and CPRA requirements

In the first of what will be a quarterly report, CYTRIO found most business are not compliant with California’s Data Service Access Request (DSAR) requirements. The survey also compared verticals and found education at 8% full compliance and healthcare at 0%.

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IT’S THE LAW (02/01/2022)

February 1, 2022

The EU Parliament voted to strengthen the Digital Services Act (DSA) which bans online ads that contain sensitive political, sexual, illegal or misleading content. This along with their Digital Marketing Act (DMA), which sets criteria for identifying and regulating Big Tech “gatekeepers,” is part of an overall effort to reign in abuse.  The law must still be approved by the Council of the EU, which may be more business-friendly.

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Privacy specialists in demand, according to new skills gap survey

February 1, 2022

ISACA, a professional IT training organization, has issued its Privacy Practice 2022 report which shows companies reporting legal/compliance jobs (46%) and IT privacy jobs (55%) are understaffed. Between 60-70% of the companies expect to need more staff in both areas going forward, and say ideal candidates would have knowledge of compliance and legal expertise, and/or hands-on experience in a privacy role and technical experience.

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