Trustwave finds that 60% of IT execs say privacy regs have little impact on security plans

The 2020 Trustwave Data Security Index report surprisingly found a majority of organizations taking a “wait and see” approach to compliance. This puts them at risk for fines and lawsuits going forward.

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Google Privacy Sandbox’s FLoC shows early promise for differential privacy

October 27, 2020

Google Chrome’s Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), one of a number of APIs Google Chrome has been developing and testing as part of its Privacy Sandbox in the last year, is the subject of a new white paper published by GitHub. Google reports being ‘very pleasantly surprised,” by results so far for FLoC as an advertising industry alternative to use of third-party cookies. FLoC uses machine learning algorithms to group people into segments by behavior and interests while at the same time keeping them unidentifiable by not revealing specific identifiers.

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Consumers increasingly concerned about data sharing during pandemic

October 27, 2020

Two new CISCO reports reveal global concern about remote work security CISCO’s surveys the Future of Secure Remote Work Report of 3,000 IT executives and second annual Consumer Privacy Survey of 2,600 consumers, highlight challenges of remote work during the pandemic. The first reports 85% of companies say cybersecurity is extremely important; the second found 60% of users are concerned about the privacy of remote connection tools.

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