Twitter says “ok” to $150M civil penalty, pending court approval

Pending federal court approval in the US, Twitter will have to pay up for deceiving users about how it used contact data ostensibly collected for “account-security purposes,” when in fact, the government alleges the data was also used for ad targeting.

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TikTok Overtakes YouTube in U.S. Time Spent

May 31, 2022

You know TikTok is hot, but did you know it’s expected to attract more time than YouTube among adult U.S. consumers this year?   If you’re a marketer itching for a piece of that action, you may also want to know you can now publish TikTok content using Hootsuite, Sprinkler, Emplify, Sprout Social, Khoros, Brandwatch, and other systems.   Also, they’ve added a WooCommerce integration that can synch entire store catalogs to TikTok, and use the TikTok Pixel to track ad results.

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Google CEO urged to protect women in advance of Roe decision

May 31, 2022

Seems the wrong way around, yet in another strange-but-true episode of, “You Bet Your Privacy,” 40+ Democratic lawmakers appealed to a scion of Big Tech to take up the defense of women nationwide, should Roe be overturned. Fearing women can become geo-located targets of right-wing prosecutors, the ask is for CEO Sundar Pichai to preemptively shed, then not collect location data to keep hunters off the scent. How Did We Get Here?

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