US Supreme Court gives Big Tech a coveted victory; continued protection for Section 230

Tech companies won’t be held liable for user posts and any subsequent disinformation – thanks to two Supreme Court cases won by Google and Twitter. The companies and tech platforms withstood a challenge to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Established in the early days of the Internet, Section 230 protects companies against liability for postings of users. So, despite growing concerns now about disinformation, discrimination, and violent content on social platforms and sites, these justices opted to side with corporations.

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Amazon Palm Scanner Adds Age Verification

May 23, 2023

Amazon’s palm-scanning technology offers highly reliable verification, although the price includes some hefty privacy concerns.  They’ve just added age verification, so members can buy age-restricted items like alcohol without showing other ID.  Retailers only see a message like “21+”, which is a good approach – so long as you trust Amazon not to do anything else with the information it’s collecting.

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EU hands Meta $1.3B non-compliance fine and desist order

May 23, 2023
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