Library/Real CDP Audit Report

Adobe RealCDP Audit Report (Adobe Real-Time CDP)

Adobe Real-Time CDP meets all core RealCDP certification requirements. B2B, B2B and hybrid companies in a wide variety of industries are supported with a SaaS CDP platform hosted in Microsoft Azure. Data ingestion is flexible; any format from any type of source can be ingested in either batch or streaming mode. Many pre-built connectors are available, and Adobe will build additional connectors at no cost during implementation. End users can also set up their own data feeds in a drag and drop interface. Full historical detail is stored in an Azure data lake and dynamic scaling allows for extremely fast data ingestion and processing. Unified customer profiles (known and unknown) are created using deterministic matching of keys. Profiles are enhanced with the creation of derived variables and model scores; profiles can also be updated in real time by leveraging Adobe’s tag management and event forwarding capability (which supports real time data personalization in customer-facing environments). Segments are easily built in Segment Builder and can be shared to any external platform, including other Adobe applications. An easy-to-use (and patented) data governance application ensures that privacy compliance is robust (GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA compliant; certifications: AICPA SOC2, SOC Type II, ISO 27001 EU-US Privacy Shield).

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