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Relay42 RealCDP Audit Report (Relay42)

Relay42 provides a solid CDP solution for B2C companies in a wide variety of industries. The platform is hosted in AWS with a hybrid architecture that utilizes both S3 and Apache Cassandra to handle bulk and real time datarespectively. Structured, unstructured, and schema-free data can be ingested in batch and real time. Unified customer profiles are created and updated in real time with a combination of deterministic and probabilistic matching are stored in a client-defined data model. Customer profiles are tracked from unknown to known status with full historical data capture. Historical data is stored, with no limits, to enable data correction and reinstatement of profiles. Users control which data is collected, used and erased to allow for privacy controls by region. At-rest and in-motion encryption provides strong security and Relay42 is ISO27001 and ISAE3000 Type II certified and GDPR compliant. Users define audience data exports with an easy-to-use UI and data can be shared anywhere via API, SDK, SFTP and Javascript.

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Redpoint Global RealCDP Audit Certificate (Redpoint Global)

Redpoint Global is entitled to be known as a RealCDP and authorized to display the RealCDP badge for successfully completing a comprehensive evaluation and providing satisfactory proof that meets all qualifications set forth by the Customer Data Platform Institute.