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Service Provider

Based on quantitative and qualitative analyses, FELD M develops strategies and activities for client acquisition and retention. Aligned to your business objectives, we develop sustainable digital strategies and activities to drive target audience awareness and distinguish your products from your competitors. Our services capabilities build on each other and add value to data activation.

Strategy & Foundation: Data Strategy ● Customer Journey Mapping / Personas ● Data Architecture ● MarTech Stack ● Data Literacy: organizational, processes, enablement

Collection & Integration: App & Web (TMS) ● Data Engineering (Data Pipeline in Cloud) ● GDPR Compliance ● (Automated) Testing

Analytics & Insights: Insights to identify levers and evaluate actions ● CRM & Customer Journey Analytics ● bespoke models / AI integration ● Visualization

Activation: data activation strategy ● implementation setup, configuration, and maintenance ● integration and connection of sources and destinations ● customized data science modules for data enablement based on automatized ETL ● personalization in delivery systems and tools

Vendors we have worked with: Tealium, Segment, Google Marketing Platform, Adobe Experience Cloud, Ensighten, CommandersAct, Tableau, Power BI, Klipfolio, Google Data Studio, Emarsys, AWS, Azure, GCP