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October 11, 2016

Ipswitch Finds IT Struggles with AI, Questions on Cross-Device Match Rates, Research on Data-Driven Marketing Organizations

Ipswitch Study Reveals Rapid Adoption of Intelligent Systems is Creating Complexities for IT Teams and Changing How We Work


Research from network management software maker Ipswitch shows that over three quarters (78%) of IT professionals are struggling with assessing the full extent of the challenges and threats of deploying intelligent systems themselves, and managing the impact of broader intelligent technology use across their industries and customer bases....

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Mo’ Match Rates Mo’ Problems As Cross-Device Vendors Aim For Scale

Ad Exchanger

Cross-device identity match rates have shot up in recent years, but brands and agencies remain skeptical of the results.  “We were consistently disappointed with cross-device identity matches,” said David Kohl, CEO of the digital media advisory firm Morgan Digital Ventures. “There’s a gap in understanding of what’s possible between vendors and the buy side,...

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Remaking Marketing Organizations for a Data Driven World

Kellogg Insight

Q&A with United Airlines’ CMO on how to avoid becoming “an artifact of a prior era.”  We have been hearing for years about how the increasing availability of data is changing how marketers engage with customers. But what does that look like in practice? Are customers seeing improved service, better options, and more responsive offers? And how are these changes hitting companies’ bottom lines?...

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