CDPI Staff

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  • David M. Raab

    Founder and CEO
  • Susan S. Raab

    Co-founder and Managing Director
  • Emily Fineberg

    Social Media and Web Site Manager

CDPI Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors is comprised of industry experts and representatives of Institute Sponsors and Partners. The current list includes:

  • Christophe Alves

    CEO, Scal-e
  • Osarugue Awani

    VP, Marketing - Brand and Corporate Communications, Terragon
  • Scott Buelter

    CEO, Ascent360
  • Aditya Bhamidipaty

    Founder and CEO, FirstHive
  • Amit Bivas

    Head of Marketing, Optimove
  • Andrea Bovarini

    International Business Director, Commanders Act
  • David Chinn

    President and CMO, Lexer
  • Vijay Chittoor

    Co-Founder and CEO, Blueshift
  • Fiona Chou

    CMO, beBit TECH
  • Sean Crowley

    VP Marketing, Dun & Bradstreet
  • Kalina Dancheva

    Customer Marketing Manager, Relay42
  • Jurgen Desmedt

  • Renat Gersch

    Head of Product Marketing, Treasure Data
  • Brian Goldfarb

    Chief Marketing Officer, Amperity
  • Mani Gopalaratnam

    CEO and CTO, Resulticks
  • Kim Guillon

    Senior Manager, Public Relations, Oracle
  • Jim Hartley

    President & Founder, GrooveData, LLC
  • Jaeho Heo

    TX Consulting Unit Leader, LG CNS
  • Martin Kihn

    SVP Strategy, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce
  • Hiromasa Kurata

    CEO, Everrise
  • Angela Lipscomb

    Influencer Relations Manager, SAS
  • Marko Maras

    Founder and CEO, Audiens
  • James McDermott

    CEO, Lytics
  • Jennifer McGinn

    Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Informatica
  • Christian Monberg

    CTO and Head of Product, Zeta
  • B.J. Morgan

    Vice President, Solution Management, Epsilon PeopleCloud
  • Cory Munchbach

    COO, BlueConic
  • Mike Ni

    Chief Marketing Officer, Openprise
  • Simon Pereira

    CEO, Wondaris
  • Dale Renner

    CEO, Redpoint Global Inc.
  • Dirk Rohweder

    Founder and COO, Teavaro
  • Ratul Shah

    Global Head of Product Marketing, Customer Data, SAP CX, SAP
  • Hannah Stewart

    Global Director of Marketing, Zeotap
  • Tim Suther

    Founder, Suther Strategic LLC
  • Gabbie Targosz

    Senior Analyst Relations Manager, Twilio Segment
  • Anand Thaker

    Strategic Executive Advisor and Martech Industry Insider
  • Andy Thorburn

    Product Marketing Manager, Ometria
  • Vernon Tirey

    Principal, CDPi Advisors
  • Michael Trapani

    Head of Product Marketing, ActionIQ
  • Tom Treanor

    CMO, Snipp Interactive
  • Patrick Tripp

    Senior Vice President, Product Marketing, Cheetah Digital
  • Annojan Vageeswaran

    Executive Director Business Development, | IBM iX
  • Amit Varshneya

  • Meghan Whinery

    Director, Growth Marketing, Tealium
  • Karen Wood

    Senior Director of Product Marketing, Acquia
  • Alex Yoder

    CEO, Leadspace
  • Chih-Han Yu

    CEO, Appier