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January 30, 2017

Measurement Is Top Marketer Priority: IAB & Winterberry, mParticle & comScore, AutoHook & Everybody

IAB/Winterberry Study Finds Measurement Is Top 2017 Focus


I had at least a half-dozen separate conversations last week about using CDP data for measurement, as opposed to marketing execution. Apparently I'm not alone.  A study from the IAB and Winterberry Group found that “better reporting, measurement or attribution” was voted the topic most likely to command attention in 2017.  It was cited by 74% of respondents, compared with 51% for the runner-up, which was cross-device audience recognition.  In last year's report, the positions were reversed and better reporting was cited by just 49%. The report also found fewer people citing technology and data as challenges, suggesting marketers are shifting some attention from acquiring technology to using it. Interesting study.

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mParticle Integrates with comScore to Simplify Mobile App Measurement


Speaking of measurement: Customer Data Platform vendor mParticle has added a connector for measurement vendor comScore. This spares developers from embedding comScore's own System Development Kit (SDK) within their products. mParticle specializes in gathering mobile app data and feeding it to other systems.

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AutoHook Shares Promotion Data to Support Measurement


Let's finish with an announcement from AutoHook, which helps drive traffic to auto dealers. They’ve given other systems free API access to their offer and redemption data, in a not-so-subtle attempt to promote its use. They position this as “first official step towards unifying quality data to improve sales attribution metrics and validate marketing initiatives for both dealers and manufacturers”. More measurement.

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