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April 14, 2020

74% of Marketers Have Changed Course Due to Pandemic

74% of Marketers Have Changed Course Due to Pandemic: Element-R Partners


In case you’re wondering, Department of the Obvious Senior Intern Jamie is safely sheltering in the attic. But he still keeps an eye on industry news and just shared this survey from marketing agency Element-R Partners, which found that 74% of marketers had changed or reduced activities during the pandemic. A majority (61%) were somewhat or highly annoyed by business-as-usual messages.

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Apple and Google Designing Privacy-Safe Contact Tracker


Apple and Google are cooperating on a contact tracking system to help slow coronavirus’ spread. What’s most interesting is that they’re following good privacy practices by not building a central registry of personal behaviors and by reaching people without learning their identities. So, yes, privacy is possible when developers make it priority.

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Consumers Prefer Socially Responsible Brands: Trustpilot Study


Lest you get all warm and fuzzy about Google and Apple’s noble efforts, this Trustpilot study reminds us that being socially responsible is good business. They found 66% of online shoppers will pay (slightly) more to buy from a socially responsible firm and 90% have chosen not to buy from a company because of its bad reputation. Jamie provided this one too.

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