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February 28, 2018

Amazon Spends $1 Billion for Ring Home Security Tech

Amazon Spends $1 Billion for Ring for Home Security Tech


Amazon has spent a reported $1billion-plus to acquire video doorbell maker Ring, whose technology could help drop packages inside of shoppers’ homes. Now we know why Amazon has rejected calls to #BoycottNRA: it wants to sell Ring to home security-obsessed NRA members. Or at least prevent them from taking potshots at Amazon couriers.

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Facebook Offers $3 Million to Help Local Publishers


Coincidentally or not, #BoycottNRA hold-outs Google, Apple, and FedEx also sell home monitoring devices and make deliveries. Meanwhile, Facebook has dodged the NRA bullet and announced a $3 million investment in “Local News Subscription Accelerator”. The project will help local news organizations recover some of the business they’ve lost in recent years to, um, Facebook. Would it be rude to note that Facebook earned $109 million per day in 2017?

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Relevnt Promotes Local Content Publishing

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Perhaps more hopeful for local media: start-up Relevnt is expanding its “location-based mobile network”, which lets local publishers and organizations host interest-based communities which are exposed via mobile app to subscribers. Contributors’ content appears immediately via RSS feeds and contributors earn advertising revenue. Technically, each community is a Web domain owned by the local publisher and the communities are aggregated by the mobile app. So far, the only way to get the app is through the Apple Store so this isn’t entirely free-range content grazing.

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