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September 28, 2018

Vendors Work to Improve B2C Customer Experience

DataGrail Takes $4 Million Series A for Data Privacy Solution

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You were supremely uninterested in yesterday’s news about B2B technographic data, Dear Reader. Let’s see if B2C news is more to your liking. We’ll start with a $4 million Series A funding for DataGrail, which helps companies map where personal data is stored in their systems and show it to customers who ask. This is required by GDPR today and probably other rules tomorrow. It’s a common use case for Customer Data Platforms.

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Advertising ID Consortium Launches ID Standards Project

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On the bright side – or is it the Dark Side? – of customer tracking, The Advertising ID Consortium is working on standard IDs to help track ad exposures to individuals and devices. Although the mission is to help marketers, the Consortium also reminds anyone listening that “As a result, consumers can expect to have a more meaningful and seamless experience throughout the digital ecosystem with more relevant, personalized messaging from the brands that they value and prefer.” Participants include Criteo, OpenX, PubMatic, Thunder, IgnitionOne, and AdRoll Group.

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Decibel Helps Brands Isolate Problems with Digital Customer Experiences


Decibel also aims to help marketers by improving customer experiences, in its case by creating a single Digital Experience Score based on Web site and app user behaviors such as engagement, navigation, form completion, and frustration. It does some heavy duty analytics to convert the raw data into meaningful information. Decibel has just extended its product to break out the components affecting each visitor, making it easier for companies to identify and fix problems at the individual level.

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