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December 9, 2016

Neustar Adds Third Party Data; BlueKai Adds Near Location Info; RadiumOne Adds 70 Partners

Neustar Adds Data Directory to Build Custom Audiences


Neustar, one of the leaders in building cross-channel customer identities, has launched a Data Directory make it easier for marketers to build custom audiences with Neustar and third party data.  Scope is digital advertising across display, mobile, social, and interactive TV channels.  

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Near Loads Location Data into Oracle’s BlueKai Marketplace


Are you less concerned with cross-channel identities than location-based targeting?  Near provides real-time location information gathered from over a billion devices.  It has just integrated its data with the Oracle BlueKai Marketplace for your marketing pleasure.

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RadiumOne Creates Partner Ecosystem to Give More Functions to Clients


Maybe intent data gets you excited.  Who are we to judge?  RadiumOne tracks device-level behavior across channels, identifies intent, and delivers advertising.  They just announced a “partner ecosystem” that integrates more than 70 analytics and advertising products to expand capabilities available within RadiumOne.  Customer Data Platforms on the list include Ensighten, mParticle, Segment, Tag Commander, and Tealium.

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