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October 15, 2019

Most U.S. Retailers Have 50+ Systems with Consumer Data

Most U.S. Retailers Have 50+ Systems with Consumer Data: Deloitte Study


More than half (62%) of U.S. retailers have more than 50 systems holding consumer data, according to this Deloitte study. Yikes! Less surprising: just 22% have integrated data privacy plans with business strategy. Not surprising at all: 86% of consumers believe they should be able to opt out of sales of their data while 47% feel they have little to no control over it. Or should we be surprised it’s just 47%?

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Tru Optik Announces Household-Level Privacy Management for Connected TVs

Tru Optik

Most consumers probably have no clue that their smart TV is collecting data on them. But Tru Optik, which runs a Data Management Platform for connected TV ads, is trying to get ahead of that issue with an integrated opt-out service called Privacy.TV. Opt-outs are shared across Tru Optik’s 80 million household graph, meaning consumers can opt out for all devices in their household at once. The new offering will reach beta by the end of 2019 and roll out in 2020.

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Privacy-Protecting Brave Browser Adds Pay-for-Ad-View Option


Consumers who really care about privacy can already use the Brave browser, which lets them opt in to receive ads and then direct the payment to Web sites they visit. Less altruistic users can now direct the payments to their own account through Brave’s new alliance with digital money platform Uphold. Receiving the payments does require giving up their anonymity, which isn’t otherwise required with Brave.

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