45% of Companies Use a Major Martech Suite: Resulticks Survey

Then again, why struggle to pick different products when you can buy one suite that does it all? Almost half (45%) of the companies in this survey from omnichannel marketing vendor Resulticks said they had taken the suite route. Another 15% are using siloed solutions, 19% have integrated their silos into a best-of-breed stack, and 21% have no martech stack at all. Hard to know what that last group would be doing. The survey has lots of interesting information about marketers’ attitudes towards different types of software: for example, big data is most exhausting, personalization and real-time marketing are most energizing, and artificial intelligence makes them most skeptical. Speaking of skeptical: I doubt 45% of companies use a major marketing suite.

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Amazon Beats Walmart Prices But Gap Is Narrowing: Profitero Study

October 30, 2017

Remember when Walmart was the evil empire destroying small businesses across America? Today the $500 billion behemoth has somehow morphed into a spunky underdog fighting ($136 billion revenue). One dimension to the duel is pricing, where Amazon continues to undercut Walmart’s core promise of being cheaper than anyone else. This new study from Profitero finds that Amazon underpriced Walmart in 12 of 13 categories, although the average difference is just 3%. Walmart still beats the prices of other retailers.

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Predictive Analytics Vendor Infer Sold to ESW Capital

October 26, 2017

B2B predictive analytics vendor Infer has been sold to ESW Capital, which will fold it into ESW’s Ignite Technologies affiliate. Infer assembles business profiles by scanning the Web for news and company information, and combines these with clients’ own marketing automation and CRM data. ESW is on a martech buying spree, having also purchased Infobright DB, Jive, ThinkVine, Placeable and FirstRain in the past year.

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