49% of Companies Have a CDP: Salesforce Research

I doubt that 49% of companies have deployed a Customer Data Platform but the headline is too good to pass up. Many answers in this Salesforce Research survey probably came from people who have heard about CDPs but don’t fully understand them. In any event, there’s plenty of other interesting data in this 58 page study: just the thing for a cozy holiday weekend.

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G2 Crowd Buys Siftery to Help Companies Cut Tech Costs

December 17, 2018

We’ll see how this week goes, Dear Reader. If the news is as slow as expected, we might just shut down early and give you back a few minutes. In the meantime, we have some items left over from last week. Let’s start with an acquisition: software review site G2 Crowd has purchased Siftery, which examines company Web sites to figure out what technologies they’re using. The idea is for Siftery to help companies manage their technology after HG Data helps them buy it.

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Anagog Enables Personalization Without Sharing Data

December 13, 2018

How about something completely different? Anagog lets companies deliver personalized, context-sensitive services on a mobile phone without moving personal data off the handset. The trick is an engine that runs on the device itself, tracking detailed behaviors but only exposing a summary profile and predictions to external systems.  Let that sink in: “absolutely no reliance on the cloud” is now a selling point. Can “absolutely no AI” be far behind?

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