ABM Growth Is Slowing: Terminus and Heinz Marketing

And while we’re questioning assumptions, maybe Account Based Marketing isn’t so important, either. ABM vendor Terminus and the Heinz Marketing agency found that just 61% of organizations said they’re using ABM, compared with 81% one year ago. The percentage planning a budget increase similarly dropped from 82% to 60%. Thinking positive, the report argues the slower growth is a sign of maturity.

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Personalization Works Best When Brands Build Long-Term Relationships: Monetate Report

March 14, 2019

We wrote yesterday about marketers doing too much personalization, so it seems only fair to cover this Monetate report that personalization correlates with strong financial performance. But there’s less contradiction than it seems: companies with the best results are targeting lifetime value and loyalty while those focused immediate revenue or conversion lagged substantially. In other words, personalization works when it meets real customer needs.

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Optimizely Buys Welcome to Add Marketing Resource Management

December 2, 2021

Digital experience platform Optimizely is further expanding its scope with a deal to buy Welcome, which provides content management, digital asset management, and marketing resource management.  You may recall that Optimizely itself was purchased in September 2020 by Episerver, which then adopted the Optimizely name.  And who could forget that they bought the Zaius CDP in March 2021?

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