AcutiyAds Partners with Tapad to Expand Cross-Device Ad Targeting

Tapad is another company that specializes in identifying which devices belong to the same person. They’ve partnered with AcuityAds to help build cross-channel ad audiences that include connected TVs. You can run from those shoes you considered buying, but you can’t hide.

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Facebook Promises Fabulous Privacy Protections

January 28, 2020

Raise your hand if you knew today is Data Privacy Day. (Firstname_Placeholder, did you just raise your hand? Do you think I can’t see you?) You can watch a two hour event to celebrate or you can chuckle over Facebook’s promise to provide users with privacy protections “far beyond those required by United States law” if a federal judge grants it immunity from anything illegal it might have done in the past. They didn’t mention throwing in a bridge to Brooklyn, but I guess that’s implied.

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