Ad Blocking Recovery Vendor Blockthrough Buys Pagefair

Finally, ad blocking recovery vendor Blockthrough has purchased adblocking analytics vendor Pagefair. Blockthrough serves a “safe, light, and un-intrusive ad experience” to adblock users who have opted into “Acceptable Ads”, recovering about 70% of the revenue that would otherwise be lost. This is at least vaguely interesting, right Dear Reader? Hello?

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Half of Consumers Will Do Most Holiday Shopping Online: JLL Retail Survey

November 21, 2018

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the official start of the holiday shopping season. So let’s look at shopping behavior. We’ll start with a survey from real estate firm JLL Retail, which finds that just 31% of consumers expect to do most of their shopping in physical stores, although another 15% will buy online and pick up at a retailer.  Just over half will make at least one purchase from their phone, up from 22% last year.

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People-Based Identity Finds Twice as Many Matches as Cooke- and Device-Based Measurements: Thunder Study

November 19, 2018

Ad optimization vendor Thunder Experience Cloud conducted a much more elaborate research project, analyzing billions of ad impressions to compare cookie- and device-based identification with people-based identification from LiveRamp. They found that cookie- and device-based methods report twice as many unique individuals as people-based methods. In other words, people-based measurement shows that the ads reached half as many different people and each person received twice as many impressions as cookie- and device-based measurement reported. The gap grew larger as campaigns got bigger.

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