Adobe Announces ‘Real-Time CDP’ But Details Are Scarce

Yesterday it was Salesforce; today was Adobe’s turn to try to redefine Customer Data Platform in terms that give it an advantage. This piece by Director of Product Marketing Ali Bohra accurately distinguishes CDPs from DMP, CRM and data lakes, but then argues that tight integration between Adobe’s CDP-ish solution and the rest of the Adobe Experience Cloud is pretty much essential. This contradicts a central CDP benefit of letting users deploy any solution, not just one vendor’s own products. Adobe’s announcement mentioned a “new real-time Customer Data Platform” but didn’t specify how much data is captured or what’s stored persistently.

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Contentstack Offers Connectors to AI Solutions from Amazon, Google, IBM, and Salesforce

March 26, 2019

Contentstack is a cross-channel content management system, not a CDP. But it does rely on unified customer data for personalization. In fact, it just launched prebuilt integrations for major AI platforms including Amazon, Google, IBM and Salesforce that draw on that data. It’s an interesting illustration of how much easier integration has become in recent years – which in turn shows the reduced grip that unified product suites like Salesforce have on their clients.

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Customer Data Platform Industry Adds New Vendors: CDP Institute Report

July 12, 2024

Software vendors continued to add Customer Data Platform (CDP) capabilities to existing systems in the first half of 2024, according to the CDP Institute’s latest Industry Update report.  Nearly all of the dozen companies appearing in the report for the first time started as marketing or messaging applications and added CDP capabilities after they were built.  These firms accounted for most of the industry growth during the report period.

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