Ads for NY Times, Amazon, Office Depot and Others Appear Near Pro-Nazi Content on X/Twitter: Media Matters Report

Few things are as obvious as X/Twitter’s friendliness to hate groups under Elon Musk’s management.  But research firm Media Matters still took a close look, and found ads from major national advertisers including The New York Times, Amazon, and Office Depot were appearing next to a pro-Nazi account.  The report came within days of entirely non-obvious claims by CEO Linda Yaccarino that X/Twitter is more brand-safe than ever.

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Creators Worry Generative AI Will Cut Their Income: Content Marketing Institute

August 22, 2023

Hi, it’s Jamie, Senior Intern at the CDP Institute Department of the Obvious.  Today we have a report from the Content Marketing Institute that finds nearly half (46%) of writers and editors are worried that generative AI will reduce their income and almost as many (45%) think it will reduce the number of jobs in their field.  The only thing that’s not obvious is why 17% of respondents aren’t worried about AI at all.

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IT Leaders Say IT Manages Most Automation Projects: Jitterbit Survey

August 22, 2023

It’s always obvious that leaders in every department overstate their importance.  The latest reminder comes from Jitterbit, which found that 75% of IT leaders say their department is the main driver of automation efforts while just 29% of marketing and human resources leaders agree.  Respondents say 51% of integration projects are managed by central IT compared with just 11% managed by business departments, but remember that the majority of respondents work in IT.

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