Advertisers Grow More Worried About Cookie Loss While Publishers Care Less: DoubeVerify Survey

Advertisers have grown more worried about cookie loss since last year (45% vs 38%), while fewer publishers are “very concerned” (14% from 25%). according to this DoubleVerify survey. Around 48% of both groups felt that first-party data will become more important, while around 23% expected a unified ID to replace cookie-based solutions.

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Consumers Think Personalization Is Less Targeted but Still Works: Twilio Segment Survey

May 3, 2023

Over one quarter (27%) of respondents to this Twilo Segment survey think personalization has become less targeted in the past year. Unexpected. Less surprising: a majority say they buy more after a personalized experience (56%) but only a minority are comfortable with AI-based personalization using their data (41%). Companies are less conflicted: 92% are using AI-driven personalization and 80% say it drives higher spending.

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