Alembic Builds Auto-Generated Time Series to Measure Content Impact

We’re not geeky enough to note that William Shatner was launched into space today, but we will report the launch of an AI-based system for marketing attribution.  Alembic ingests content and related web, mobile, social, and news, transaction and conversion events; converts it all into a time series; and estimates the impact of influencers, campaigns, and channels.  Who said there’s no intelligent life on this planet?

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SparkBeyond AI Asks and Answers Its Own Questions

October 14, 2021

Let’s boldly go with more AI news: no-code analytics platform SparkBeyond just launched a tool that promises, or threatens, to auto-generate hypotheses and then checks whether they’re correct.  Hypothesis generation is apparently the sort of thing that data scientists feel they can do better than machines because it involves human insight.  SparkBeyond goes with brute force, testing millions of hypotheses in minutes.

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