Algonomy Adds Real-Time CDP Triggers and Retail Analytics

We have product news today, Dear Reader.  Algonomy has enhanced its CDP with real-time event triggers that can deliver audiences or personalized messages.  They’ve also streamlined the user experience and added retail-specific measurements, demand forecasts, and inventory optimization.

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Klaviyo Launches Enterprise-Scale Unified Customer Platform

June 24, 2022

Email and messaging platform Klaviyo has launched Klaviyo One, which helps large brands to “ingest, unify, store, query and analyze customer data, from any integrated source, from any period of time”.  It sounds suspiciously like a CDP, although Klaviyo avoids the term and it’s not clear how easily the unified data can be shared with other systems.    Klaviyo’s 200+ existing integrations include CDPs Lexer, Lytics, Optimove, Simon Data, and Twilio Segment.

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AWS Marketplace Adds Unified ID 2.0 Services

June 23, 2022

Unified ID 2.0, a first-party-data-based ID-sharing standard developed by The Trade Desk, probably has the widest acceptance of any third-party cookie ID alternative.  Amazon Web Services just made adoption easier by adding UID 2.0 operator services as an option in its AWS Marketplace.  Users will gain a trusted environment where they can anonymously match their own first-party data to ad opportunities.

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