AMA/Kantar Report: Marketers Losing Confidence In Their Organizations But See Bright Future Anyway

Struggling to make sense of it all? So is everyone else. According to a recent survey by Kantar Vermeer for the American Marketing Association, marketers’ confidence in their team’s ability to do just about everything has fallen in the past year, even though they have higher confidence in future revenue, marketing budgets, and marketing influence. Go figure. Marketer who consider their organization “customer centric” fell from 77% to 73%. Confidence was weakest in having the right operating model (people/structure/processes/tools), falling from 34% to 26%. Confidence in ability to measure Return on Investment was second lowest and fell even more sharply, from 43% to 32%. Marketers were most confident that they had a clear brand positioning (48%, down 4%), the right capabilities to be competitive (43%, down 6%), and are doing the right things to drive growth (40%, down 5%).