Amazon Challenges In-Store Convenience with In-Home Delivery

Amazon, in turn, keeps attacking physical retailers’ advantage in convenience. Its latest thrust is Amazon Key, which will combine a smart lock and indoor security camera to allow Amazon to place packages inside a customer’s home. Remote control means that Amazon drivers can’t open doors by themselves and the security camera keeps an eye on their in-home behavior. If that’s all you need to feel comfortable with this idea, you probably shouldn’t read this article pointing out that there are no government standards for security on Internet of Things devices and the latest Congressional proposal won’t help much.

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Optimove CDP Expands from Retention to Acquisition Marketing

October 31, 2017

Optimove, which selects customer treatments based on movement between lifecycle stages, has expanded its scope to include acquisitions as well as existing customers. The new feature uses look-alike modeling to assign new Web site visitors to segments and then selects the most appropriate treatment for each segment. The company says that combining acquisition and retention marketing will yield an average 25% lift in conversion rates. If you’re keeping track: Optimove builds a unified, accessible, persistent customer database, making them a Customer Data Platform.

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Better Data Lets Amazon Ad Buying System Threaten Google’s Lead

October 27, 2017

When it comes to picking ad buying systems, the software is less important than the data it can access. That’s the moral of this Digiday report that Amazon’s demand-side platform (DSP) is now tied with Google among ad buying agencies. Amazon’s software isn’t especially great but it has exclusive access to Amazon’s data on individual consumers’ shopping history. Low price and self-service options also weigh in Amazon’s favor.

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Bombora Offers B2B Ad Targeting and Personalization Based on Content Consumption

June 2, 2023

Bombora has launched Visitor Insights, a consent-based website tag that tracks the topics a device has consumed.   It infers intent, job function, management level, and other information that B2B publishers can use for ad targeting and personalization.  This Bombora report shows intent trends by industry: for example, media and advertising users show 70% more interest in Customer Data Platforms than they did last year.

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