Amazon Levels the Playing Field a Bit in EU Anti-Trust Settlement

One of this year’s most important meta-stories has been regulators’ increasingly effective pushback against seemingly unstoppable tech giants.  We’ve had three examples in the past week, starting with Amazon’s agreement to reduce the advantages it gives to its own products and stop helping itself with data it collects about sales by independent merchants.  Both changes are in response to European Union anti-trust activity and presumably apply only within Europe.

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European Commission Warns Meta About Anti-Trust Violations

December 20, 2022

EU regulators have just warned Meta about using ad-related data from competitors to benefit their Facebook Marketplace classified advertising service.  Like Amazon, Meta has been leveraging its control over what users see to favor its own products.  That’s probably illegal in the U.S. too, but so far the tech industry has been largely successful in restraining U.S. regulators and Congress from taking action.  (For a rare exception, see today’s Privacy Newsletter item about the Federal Trade Commission’s $520 million settlement with Epic Games.)

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