Amazon Offers New Tools for Sellers, Faces CA Anti-Trust Suit

Amazon has several new tools for companies that sell on its platform. These include a Buy with Prime page within brand storefronts on Amazon, customizable Sponsored Brand ads, co-branded ads on Facebook and Instagram, and free email promotions to repeat, recent, and high-spend customers. But it’s not all wine and roses in Seattle: California just filed an anti-trust suit over Amazon pricing policies.

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Salesforce Makes Customer Data More Widely Available

September 15, 2022

Salesforce is warming up for next week’s Dreamforce conference with a bundle of product announcements.  Today it focused on Customer 360, which makes unified customer profiles available for applications across the Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce Clouds.  That may sound like a CDP, but don’t be confused: the Salesforce CDP still exists as part of the Marketing Cloud.  On second thought, it’s okay to be confused.

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