Amazon Web Services Adds Generative AI Options

Have you been wondering when Amazon Web Services would join Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure in offering generative AI tools? Wonder no more: they announced a collection of services last week that will let developers build AI chatbots and other tools using pretrained models from Anthropic, AI21, Stability AI, and Amazon’s very own Titan family.

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Shopper Search Shifting from Amazon and Search Engines to Walmart and TikTok: Jungle Scout Report

April 19, 2023

What must worry Google above all is the decline in search marketing itself.  You’ll recall we reported last week that search’s share of U.S. Internet ad spend has been falling.  Today I’ll add this Jungle Scout report that people are starting their online shopping searches less with “search engines” (presumably mostly Google) and Amazon, and more with Walmart and TikTok.  Yikes!

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LinkedIn Offers Identity Verification Options

April 18, 2023

Blue badges are the new black: LinkedIn has joined the verification party with a so-far free and voluntary program that offers several ways for members to prove their identity and employer. With programs like this and growing demands for social media to verify young users’ ages and identities, get ready to master the intricacies of identify verification. And start wondering what happens to people who can’t or don’t want to participate.

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One-Third of Marketers Will Buy a CDP This Year: Optimove Survey

May 31, 2023

Just over one-third of marketers plan to either buy a new CDP (21%) or replace an existing one (13%) this year, according to this Optimove survey. Unfortunately, it doesn’t report how many have a CDP already in place, which would put the other values in perspective. It does seem that CDPs are a relatively low priority: they rank sixth on the list of new systems and eighth on the list of systems to replace.

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