Any Way You Slice It, Most Apple Users Choose Not To Be Tracked

The final fruit of Apple’s new tracking opt-in rules is unknown, but one immediate result is a bumper crop of articles estimating the opt-in rate. Flurry gained attention with an early report that just 4% of U.S. users were opting in, accompanied by other calculations that now run as high as a 24% global rate. AppsFlyer presented figures ranging from 31% to 40% with useful breakdowns by app type.  Branch tweeted some hard-to-parse stats that seem to show about 12% of apps have been granted tracking permission. The Post-IDFA Alliance reports two numbers: 16.8% from Singular and 36.5% from Ad Colony. Kochava offered one figure similar to Flurry’s 4%,  another of 48.8%, and a much-needed explanation of why everyone has different results.