Apple Privacy Changes Are Muddying Facebook Ad Results

I tried to take a couple of days off from talking about cookies, but the News Gods insist.  First they sent this admission from Facebook that Apple’s tighter privacy policies have made ad targeting and tracking more difficult, resulting in under-counted iOS web conversions by about 15%.  They don’t quite admit that their targeting itself is probably less effective, but that’s also likely.

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Few Companies Have Mature Customer Journey Management: Winterberry Study

September 27, 2021

If you’re collecting stats on CDP usage, 25% of brand marketers surveyed for Winterberry Group have a CDP and another 9% plan to add one.  That compares with 58% having an enterprise data warehouse and 65% with a marketing database.  The main thrust of the study is customer journey management, and Winterberry concludes that the going so far has been rough: it finds just 17% of companies are “journey focused”, while 58% are still organized around campaigns.  Download for detailed maturity models, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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