AppNexus, LiveRamp, and MediaMath Launch Consortium for People-Based Programmatic Ad Buying

So much news, so little space. I’ll combine a few items here. Adtech vendors AppNexus, MediaMath, LiveRamp, and others have formed a consortium to identify individuals when buying programmatic advertising. They’ll create an encrypted personal identifier and tie it to a shared cookie. That’s interesting in itself, and even more interesting is that they pitch it as a way to get precision comparable to Google and Facebook advertising, which have recently become everyone’s favorite punching bags. Still sticking with advertising: a survey from Tremor Video has found that GenZ consumers (age 14-21) are much more receptive to TV advertising than older consumers; in fact, 40% have shared a TV ad, compared with just 19% of GenX (ages 38-50). Baby boomers are apparently so old they weren’t even covered in the research. In another generation gap survey, Turn found that just 28% of media buyers under 30 consider viewability when buying video inventory, compared with 60% of buyers over 30, and 76% of those under 30 consider fraud as a “less than crucial concern”. Ah, the innocence of youth.