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Neustar Offers Tool to Estimate Impact of Cookie and Device ID Loss

August 19, 2021

Neustar has other news: they just launched Fabrick Impact Assessment, which will predict the impact of cookie- and device ID loss on your company’s media and measurement investments.  There’s a free tool that gives a rough answer based on how much advertising a company does in different channels, and a more elaborate version that (apparently) applies an impact score to specific vendors.   Need we add that Neustar’s offers identity alternatives to cookies and device IDs?

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Flexera Buys Snow Software to Help Manage IT Spend

November 29, 2023

Do not confuse Snow Software, which helps companies track IT costs, with Snowflake, a cloud database often used for CDP-ish solutions.   Do take note that Snow has just been sold to Flexera, which also helps companies optimize their return on tech investments.  It’s a helpful reminder that cost-conscious IT departments are more than happy  to “help” marketers who are doing a poor job of controlling tech spend.

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