Attain Partners with The Trade Desk to Use Consumer Transaction Data

Marketers are eagerly – you might say frantically – looking for new sources of data on customer behavior to replace what’s being lost to privacy rules.  Commerce data platform Attain owns one of those goldmines, based on transaction data it collects through its Klover financial app.  They’ve just partnered with The Trade Desk to make the information more easily available for ad targeting.

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FTC Proposes to Ban Meta from Monetizing Kids’ Data

May 4, 2023

Most proposals to limit the harm that social media does to kids and teens aim at restricting the youngsters’ access to those services.  The U.S. Federal Trade Commission just aimed closer to root causes by proposing to ban Meta from making any money off its young users.  The ban is framed as an adjustment to the company’s 2020 privacy settlement, which the FTC says the company has consistently violated.

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Microsoft Rumored to Plan Private Edition of ChatGPT

May 4, 2023

We don’t like reporting rumors, but this one is awfully juicy: Microsoft is said to be preparing a private version of ChatGPT that will ensure data isn’t shared when it’s used in a prompt.  Charge could be “ten times” the normal ChatGPT fee, which would certainly be a good deal for Microsoft.  It’s not clear whether this would be affected by last week’s announcement that ChatGPT will let users keep their prompts private.

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