Aussie media intelligence startup Truescope raises $6.2M

Home grown media intelligence startup, Truescope, has secured $6.2 million in funding to support its international expansion efforts. The latest investment round was led by venture capital firms, Investible and Jelix Ventures, as well as other private investors. The funds will be used to launch and support Truescope’s USA market entry and accelerate engineering and technology innovations in the SaaS platform’s pipeline.

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11 biggest data breaches in Australia

March 10, 2022

Data breaches in Australia are on the rise, particularly in the financial and healthcare industries. The Australian government is revising its cybersecurity frameworks and policies to strengthen resilience against nation-state threat actors. However, even the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) admits that proposed security frameworks only raise the baseline of security. To help Australian businesses avoid some of the common malpractices that facilitate data breaches, we’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest data breaches in Australia, ranked by magnitude of impact.

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Adobe Adds New Integrations for Real Time CDP

March 22, 2023

Adobe is running its Summit conference this week, which means lots of product announcements.  Real-Time CDP has its share, including customer segments created by generative AI and various types of integrations with Merkle, Epsilon, LiveRamp, Adobe Commerce, Marketo Engage, Amazon Ads, and TikTok.  They also announced general availability of Privacy and Security Shield, a package of privacy features including HIPAA support.

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