Basket Lets Grocery Shoppers Share Pricing Information

This story caught my eye because it’s about consumers gathering data about companies, instead of the other way around. Man bites dog, as it were. In this case, consumers are sharing grocery store price and availability information through a new company called Basket. One of the co-founders was an early employee at Waze, which is based on crowd-sourcing traffic information.

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GE Has a Mini-Acquisition Spree to Beef Up Its Machine Monitoring Technology

November 21, 2016

Speaking of acquisitions, GE Digital recently spent $915 million to buy cloud-based field service technology company ServiceMax, $153 million for Internet of Things data integration specialist Bit Stew, and an undisclosed amount for machine learning expert This is all intended to build its equipment monitoring business but if you don’t think equipment data can be transformed into customer insights, you might want to think again.

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