Bharat Petroleum unites all businesses through a single, shared customer view with Salesforce

Bharat Petroleum Corporation India Limited (BPCL) is powering India’s economy in multiple ways. Over 8.5 crore families depend on the company’s 6,500+ LPG distributors to supply their homes with cooking gas. About 1 crore vehicles tank up every day at one of BPCL’s 18,000+ petrol pumps. And more than 50 airports use the company’s high-quality products to fuel their aircraft. The Fortune 500 ‘Maharatna’ conglomerate also serves 8000+ industrial and commercial customers across multiple sectors like Cement, Railways, Paints, and Petrochemicals. In short, its scale and reach are immense.

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Foxconn to make electric cars in India for Fisker

February 3, 2022

Foxconn, the maker of the iPhone in India for Apple, is set to manufacture electric cars in the country, for NYSE-listed Fisker Inc., in the next couple of years. Promoted by Henrik Fisker, renowned designer of models like BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9, Fisker Inc will initially set up a technology centre in Hyderabad, with a roster of over 300 engineers, and within two years, in a manufacturing alliance with Foxconn, make the electric ‘global vehicle’ Pear in India.

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Anzu and Livewire partner to help APAC advertisers reach the metaverse

February 3, 2022

Livewire is a global gaming marketing and gametech company that creates integrated gaming marketing strategies. The partnership with Anzu will allow advertisers to run non-disruptive ads within many of Roblox’s most popular games. As of January 2022, Roblox claims to have over 40 million games and be reaching 9.4 million daily active users across APAC in Q3 2021. It also claims 110 million global active monthly users.

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