Birst 6 Equips Business Users to Prep Their Own Data

Speaking of self-service data prep, Birst just announced that the latest generation of its business intelligence system, Birst 6, will allow “everyday business users” to “connect, prepare and relate data entirely on their own and regardless of skill.” Am I the only one who finds that just a bit scary? Birst promises machine learning tools to help with some of the harder parts, like connecting to applications, discovering data sources, and recommending how to join different data sources. That’s all great but still leaves me wondering who will double-check the work.

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Emarsys Adds Artificial Intelligence to Help B2C Marketers

December 1, 2016

B2C marketing cloud company Emarsys has launched a “hype-free and tangible” set of artificial-intelligence-powered services including predictive product recommendations, individually-tailored incentive recommendations, and send time optimization. Its goal is to automatically tailor customer treatments to the individual, freeing up marketers for more fun stuff. The new features are fruits of the $33 million investment Emarsys accepted in September 2015, the first outside funding since it started in 2000. Emarsys supports email, mobile, push, social, Web advertising and Web site personalization.

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