Catalina Measures Ad Impact at the Item Level

Slightly more substantial: shopper marketing firm Catalina has given the world yet another digital-to-retail attribution solution. Catalina’s special twist is measuring results down to the item level (you’ll recall they collect purchase data from loyalty programs). They connect purchases to media by having marketers apply tracking pixels to their ads, which Catalina links to 390 million devices and their owners.

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Arm Combines Treasure Data CDP with Pelion IoT for Real Time Retail Experience

January 11, 2019

When Arm Holdings purchased the Treasure Data CDP last year, they said they would use it to combine Internet of Things data with conventional customer data. Sure enough, Arm has released a retail solution that integrates Treasure Data with Arm’s Pelion IoT device management platform. The solution will make it easier to to target individual-level messages in real time. It will also feed Reflexis ONE, an Arm partner that recommends real-time actions to store associates.

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