CDP Use Expands Beyond Marketing: Treasure Data Survey

Two CDP surveys in one week, Dear Reader!  How great is that?  This one’s from Treasure Data, which reports the average company recoups its investment after eight months.  Lots here about features, benefits, data sources, and use cases, with nearly half the companies citing applications beyond marketing.

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Amazon Rolls Out Buy with Prime to All U.S. Merchants

January 13, 2023

“What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable” pretty much sums up Amazon’s attitude towards other retailers.  Their latest move is to expand the Buy with Prime program from its invite-only pilot, launched in April, to full U.S. availability by the end of this month.  Buy with Prime offers Amazon Prime benefits to buyers on merchants’ own sites.   Merchant sites will also be able to display Amazon product reviews.

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Disconnected Data Biggest Social Marketing Challenge: Emplifi Report

January 12, 2023

This Emplifi survey of social marketing leaders isn’t focused on CDPs, although it does find that 58% of respondents have one in place and another 31% are planning to invest.  That’s a good thing, since creating a single customer view is the most common marketing strategy challenge (45%), beating out unrealistic expectations for what marketing can do (42%), lack of content (36%), and inadequate marketing technologies (36%).

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