CDPs Second-Most Acquired Marketing Technology Due to COVID-19: Acquia Report

COVID-19 gets more attention than third-party cookies, Amelia Earhart, and Bigfoot combined. It’s no surprise that this Acquia report finds marketer and consumer behaviors changed due to the pandemic.  But did you know that 82% of marketers reported their ROI on marketing technology improved during the period? More than half (54%) invested in CDPs, ranking just behind marketing automation (63%) and well ahead of AI and machine learning (44%), personalization (43%), and content management (35%).

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AppsFlyer Measures Incremental Ad Impact

October 23, 2020

Mobile attribution vendor AppsFlyer has introduced Incrementality, a solution that runs tests to determine the incremental impact of remarketing programs. Managing hold-out samples is tough, so that’s noteworthy in itself. But I was also intrigued by AppsFlyer’s statement that “attribution and incrementality are completely independent concepts” – the difference, apparently, being that attribution assigns full or fractional revenue “credit” to marketing touches while incrementality estimates the net revenue change resulting from a touch. Got that?

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