Celebrus Shares First-Party Cookies Across Domains

CDP vendor Celebrus is making a more modest but still interesting promise, offering a new technology to share web session data across sites so long as the domains are owned by the same parent company.  Basically it’s a matter of putting the data something browsers will treat as a first-party cookie, even though those are usually limited to a single domain.  It’s patented and, Celebrus says, unique.

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InfoSum Launches Next-Generation Data Clean Room Platform

July 22, 2022

Data clean room vendor InfoSum has just launched its next-generation product and isn’t stinting on the hype: “safest, most secure, and most interoperable infrastructure”…“solve the advertising ecosystem’s interoperability challenges”… “eliminating all barriers to entry for enterprise organizations to extract the full value from their first-party data – safely and securely – with no risk and no limits.”  While they’re at it, they’ve launched an open-source project using their core technology, which “will be a crucial piece in the democratization of data security and privacy protection for all.”  Wow.

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MiQ Helps Advertisers Measure Progress Towards Cookie Freedom

July 22, 2022

Programmatic tech vendor MiQ is also making cookie-related news.  They just introduced CookielessIQ, which gives clients a score on their progress towards cookie-free programmatic advertising, as well as benchmarks against other clients and recommendations for additional cookie-free approaches to try.  MiQ says more than half of its U.S. campaigns are now cookie-free, using authenticated data, contextual targeting, and clean rooms.

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