Chatbot from Intercom Answers Questions Before You Finish Asking

We have no real news today so let’s just amuse ourselves with tech. We’ll start with a “second-generation support chatbot” from Intercom, which answers questions as soon as users start typing. You might find that rude but the vendor says it shows the system truly understands customers’ problems. Feel better?

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Global Digital Review Tells All

March 4, 2020

Looking for something to read when you get trapped at home by coronavirus? This 247-page compendium of global digital statistics from We Are Social and Hootsuite includes everything from population statistics to the gender split of Snapchat users in Qatar. Did you know that people in the U.S. have more smart home devices than average but make less use of voice search? Or that Americans are more concerned about misuse of their data but less likely to use ad blockers? Hours of fun.

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