ChatGPT Improves User Privacy

ChatGPT has been criticized for exposing information provided in user prompts, including some that’s confidential. They’ve just added a feature that lets users stop this from happening by blocking the system from using chat history to train itself. Another new feature lets users export and review data that ChatGPT has stored about their interactions.

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Amazon Q1 Ad Revenue Grows by 21% to $9.5 Billion

May 1, 2023

If you need to be reminded what healthy growth looks like: Amazon reported a 21% year-on-year gain in Q1 retail media revenue, $9.5 billion.  Amazon accounts for 85% of the industry, according to eMarketer.  While some reports have predicted a slowdown in retail media, Skai takes a brighter view: 87% of advertisers plan to maintain or increase retail media spending this year.  Plot twist: funds for retail media most often come from the paid search budget, but are usually managed by ecommerce staff.

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