Cheetah Digital Adds Self-Service Predictive Models

Cheetah Digital is the latest company to add self-service predictive modeling to its system, launching “Citizen Data Scientist” complete with guided workflows, easy integration with training data, and posting of results onto customer records. The key point is they cover the whole process from data prep through deployment, not just building the models themselves.

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Marketing AI Deployment Is Still Limited But Users Have Hope: Marketing AI Institute

March 31, 2021

Switching gears: the Marketing AI Institute (no relation) reports that AI is still an aspiration for most companies: just 17% of marketers said it’s deployed widely at their company, although 80% think more than a quarter of their tasks will be automated five years from now.  Lack of training was by far the most common barrier (70%); poor technology and data were far down the list at 35% and 31%, respectively.

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